Is now installed on doors and in showers in our facility-builings. The card shall be used as keycard and payment in the showers. Some older showers in the upper facilitybuiling will be operated by 10 kr coinmachines for some time. The Card will be issued to each guest, and all visits will be recorded on our computer.

For our season guests there a few special rules: All cards expire june 15th and september 15th. To be valid Cards must be activated twice during the season. First time at the start of the eason. Second time between june 5th and june 15th. Activation requires that season fee is payed.

To be used as payment in showers the card must be loaded. This is done at the reception.
Price is NOK 150,- 4 min shower costs NOK 15,- Lost cards will not be refunded.

The card is non contact – which means that it should be hold in front of the reader terminal to be recognized. To open a door just present the card in front of the reader terminal and the lock will open. To start shower just present the card in front of the reader terminal in the shower, and you will have hot water for 4 min.

Lower facility builiding near the beach:
Toilets are open without keycard between 09.00 - 17.00. Toilets and showers are open 24 hours with keycard

Upper facility builiding near the reception:
Toilets and showers with entry from outside are open 24 hours with keycard. Showers, kitchen and washing-room are open with keycard between 07.00 – 23.00 We have installed this system to obtain the best standard for our guests. Unwanted visitors have done damage to the facilities – a problem we have struggled with for years. By issuing the Kjærstranda-Card to our guests we hope to improve our services to you all. New functions for the card are planned in the future

Best regards
Kjærstranda Familiecamping
Per Erik Wendel